Andreas Krauer

Andreas is a Zurcher native, born in the most expensive, exclusive and trendy area of the city, Schwamendingen. He holds a music and arts degree, and has various years of experience in high-octane, Zurich work environments. Having realised just how boring and dull his fast-paced, snooze-fest of a job was, and how boring and dull he must be to get the job in the fist place, he decided to get up in front of strangers to tell them all about it. It’s cheaper than going to see a Zurich therapist, after all.

What Andreas Krauer lacks in a sense of purpose, he makes up for with his sense of humour. Dry, witty and a few parts macabre, he draws inspiration from his lacklustre social life, and the stream of awkward situations it has become. Self-effacing observational humour, and existential autobiographical nonsense, are where Andreas’s reality, comically collides.

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