Soan & Sons

Fri 12 April 2019 20:00

You’re going down the road when your nostrils spy something they like. The wave of scent hits you like a scent wave. You don’t know what it is but it’s fresh. It stinks of a top dollar night out. The night is hot and so is the comedy, live the dream and feel the steam. Sweet dafodils if this bus isn’t moving! Oh but they’re taking you places. Three boys, one heart, many characters, much funny.

Soan and Sons is quite simply a Variety Show for the Modern times, fast paced and jam packed full of Dysfunctional Characters, Visual Oddities, Jokes, Magic, Quick Change and attempts at Dance. Turning life’s banalities into Surrealist splendour and finding laughter in the most secretive of places. 

They sell you Madness with such charisma that you feel completely safe with these Lunatics and you will be quite happy to tag along with their bizarre twists on reality.

In olden times they described a good comedy show as a ‘Laugh a Minute’, these 3 have brought that down by 30 seconds 

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