Funny Laundering: Guy Stevens’s comedy history of Switzerland

Fri 15 February 2019 19:30

An evening stroll down memory lane with Guy Stevens, who has been instrumental in pioneering the global, international English stand up comedy market, here in der Schweiz, since 2006.

A full-on, 360 degree, no holds barred, single media extravaganza. A game of real life charades with audience participation. A cosmic comedy ride through a parallel universe. A corporate psychic work-in-progress team building empowerment group workshop. An enormous load of old waffle.

See it here first, before it’s award winning month at Ed Fringe 2022 and follow-up, sell-out West End run. Be part of the blockbuster comedy movie to be screened throughout the universe for all eternity, that you agree to be recorded for just by turning-up.

The bar will remain open for you to buy drinks for Guy throughout. Toilet breaks whenever pipes need tapping.

Could be good. Could be terrible. Definitely won’t be fake.

A strictly limited free entry event.

Not recommended for the hindsight or confirmation biased.

Hecklers will be ejected without warning.


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