Lady Carol

My name is Carol. “Lady” was kindly bestowed upon me at the Edinburgh Festival (2006) by my good friend Andrew Maxwell just before I went on stage for the first time at Fullmooners; his late night comedy show.
Since that first night I have had the enormous pleasure of singing at many fantastic nights.
I accompany myself on a ukulele which was given to me as a present during a very quiet and lonely time in my life. I found a deep understanding and solace within it’s chirpy song. I sing songs by other people alongside songs that I have written myself.
I am a contrary and flighty creature who suffers nothing gladly. More often than not I do as I please although sometimes I do it quietly. I never confess and I never confide apart from when I’m singing. If you have the time please have a look at my little videos to see what it is I do exactly!